Inspired to Appreciate// Those who Fight

As a starting point, I would like to say that it is a true belief of mine that what one fights for is true statement of their character. A person does not simply risk their physical and emotional well being for something they could care less about. A person will fight for something or someone or someplace that is truly dear to them. 

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Inspired to Embrace the Rain

We go through times of rain. Times of severe storms. Physically and emotionally. Depending on where we live, we could experience more or less rain. This can also correlate with our lives. Where we position ourselves in life on a emotional stance could control how we deal with the rain. Whether we pity our struggles and let them wreck us or whether we embrace the rain and take it in; making us stronger. These decisions in life will affect you. As for me, I have learned to soak in the rain. Letting its drops fill in my life with strength and hope. I know you are capable of doing this too. You can do anything and get through anything. Don’t let life get you down. Embrace the ups and downs! Stay strong. Stay hopeful. Stay inspired.

Inspired to Embrace the Rain