Inspired to Appreciate// Those who Fight

As a starting point, I would like to say that it is a true belief of mine that what one fights for is true statement of their character. A person does not simply risk their physical and emotional well being for something they could care less about. A person will fight for something or someone or someplace that is truly dear to them. 

Whether it is a soldier, a mother, a husband, a daughter, a best friend, an innocent man, a victim, or a patient stricken with illness; we all have our own battles. Different battles and similar battles that all add up to one big mess of things. Some decided to give up without even trying, but most have their instinct of fighting. Just as in a physical combat, we either have the ability to flee or fight. Run away or stand firm. Sometimes running away is useful if a fight is not necessary or needed. However, if a fight is necessary, you better be fighting. I’m not talking just physical fights over a girlfriend or somebody rubbing you the wrong way. I’m talking when you are diagnosed with a terrible disease, when you are accused and imprisoned of something you did not do, when your family is taken away from you, when it seems as the whole world is against you; when these situations occur-FIGHT. Fight for your life, for your family, for your friends, for your ability, and for your country. Fight for those things that mean most to you. Do not hold fear because if you are fighting for what you love, you will be victorious. 

Fighting for what you love will never let you down. This bravery and strength will be able to assure you of your purpose in life. If someone else is fighting for you, appreciate them. Appreciate the love they show for you. If someone is fighting alongside you, appreciate that. Appreciate the person who cares to see you succeed in your trials. 

Strengthen. Encourage. Care. Value. Love. Fight. Inspire. 

// Mackenzie  



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