Inspired to Appreciate// Your Purpose

Everyone, everywhere has a purpose. Whether that purpose be to lead a nation or lead a classroom, run a company or work as a secretary, aid people all over or help your neighbor next door. No matter the purpose, it is still a purpose. Your purpose is the legacy you leave behind. The thing that the people who knew you could say, “Yes. They DID accomplish that.”
You are living right now for a reason. You have great things to do. You have people and places to change. You have greatness to achieve. You have small acts of kindess to carry out. You have people to love. You have many places to go. You ALWAYS have something. You especially ALWAYS have your purpose.
Don’t doubt your abilities. The possibilities are endless and life goes on. Don’t wait either; start your life now. Go out! Learn, do, share, speak, listen, work, love, live, and inspire.


Inspired to Appreciate// Your Purpose


Inspired to Appreciate// Those who Fight

As a starting point, I would like to say that it is a true belief of mine that what one fights for is true statement of their character. A person does not simply risk their physical and emotional well being for something they could care less about. A person will fight for something or someone or someplace that is truly dear to them. 

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