edit 22Patience is one of the most important things you could ever have or learn to have. A patient person is a kind person. A patient person is a wise person. A patient person does not exhaust his or her-self within the first few years. A patient person steadily climbs up that mountain. A patient person does not take the easy way out but instead sticks it out in their journey. A patient person is willing to wait for the best possible opportunity and not settle for an average chance. A patient person will always find the perfect balances and wonderful outcomes.
Patience is something learned and not natural. Most humans find it hard to keep their patience and find that the more life experience, the less patience they have. The more people they encounter, the more places they go, and the more circumstances they face makes them lose what little patience they did at one point contain. However, this being said, it is still completely possible to keep your patience. Looking at patience as something that will not only greatly benefit you, but those around you, can change how one may see patience.
We are all capable of having patience; you just have to have the will to find and keep it, but when you do it will pay off greatly. You will reach the top of that mountain. You will achieve your dreams. You will inspire not only yourself but all those around you.



Inspired to Have Patience