Inspired to Be Free

freedom: the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restrain

A basic right. A necessary foundation to life. Something not only us humans deserve, but absolutely everything deserves. Freedom to be one’s self. Freedom to the needs of life. Freedom of love. Freedom of expression. Freedom of purpose. Freedom of passion. Freedom of exploration. Freedom of the individual person or thing. Greatness stems from the slightest opportunities of freedom. Happiness stems from knowing there are chances to be free. Inspiration stems from freedom itself.
You ARE free; now go out there and change the world you fantastic dreamer.



Inspired to Be Free


Inspired to Appreciate//Women

I have decided to begin a series titled “Inspired to Appreciate”. Every other week I will write based upon things we should appreciate in life. On that note; this week I was inspired to write about appreciating women. I find that although we, as a society, have moved a monumental load from the way in which we used to treat women as a whole, we still have improving to do. The stereotype and demeaning principles to women may have declined dramatically but there is still a definite said weakness associated with women. Women still have certain roles they must participate in, and certain other roles they are excluded from.

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