Inspired to Appreciate// People

Sometimes we love them more than ourselves. Sometimes we can’t stand the mere thought of them.

People. Simply people. Those close to us. Those around us. Those we will never meet. Those we are unknowingly going to love. Those we have never liked. They are all human; all people living on the same Earth with the purpose of living.katie and christine 105

I feel as though, as a society, we might forget that we are all human. We might lose sight that we all have issues and successes. We all have beating hearts and thinking brains. We all have passions and purposes.  No matter the person they are still a person. Yes, we are all different but we all stem from the same species. So how could you treat something that feels the same things, that thinks the same things, that breathes the same air, that has all the potential you do as something that doesn’t even matter? We all matter. One person just as much as the next. So how could you turn your head, how could you not care, how could you not love a person for simply being a person? How much different would the world be if we all knew that we appreciated each other; if we all knew that we respected each other; if we all knew that the person standing next to us matters.

katie and christine 076

Everything we do has an impact on people. Whether it be yourself or those around you, every decision you make, every action you carry out, every word you say has an impact. What if everyone knew that fact? That YOU  have impact. Not only impact, but ability to control that impact. You have the will and purpose to carry out things you have only dreamed of. You have the ingenuity and ability to do absolutely anything. What if we were able to show everyone that amazing truth? How much different people as a whole would be.

So, what if we spread purpose like we spread bad news; what if we smiled as much as we complain; what if we held important the value of people like we hold important the value of money; what if we actually started to appreciate people more than we criticize them; what if we actually started changing our world and society instead of merely talking about it.

Please, keep in mind what good things you can do; and do it.

Hold the inspiration of a better world with people who love people.




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