“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.” — Thomas Merton

Balance.  An essential piece to living a life full of everything you want and need. In proportions, you can receive a life with all its glory and happiness. There are things we want and need in life, but we can have both with excellent balance. Being able to maintain the pace with stealth and stability is something only a few can master within the course of their small amount of time. Many go crazy. Wishing for this, wanting that, needing these and not being able to hold on to all while keeping up with the rest of life’s wonders and tragedies. Balancing not only what you have now but what you will need in the future can be tricky but is manageable. Figure out your priorities. Make sure whatever your priorities happen to be, they always come before everything else. Figure out your needs. Whatever is necessary for you to live not only physically but emotionally as well. Then figure out your wants. Whatever you hope to accomplish or obtain. You cannot receive these wants without the priorities and needs coming first. It may be tough and may take practice but you CAN balance your life! You can understand that peace and happiness without all the craziness of disorganization.Stay inspired to obtain your perfect balance. 


“Happiness is n…


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