Inspired to Laugh a Little

Life can be stressful. Life can be hard. Life can be upsetting. Life can just honestly…be awful. Despite what life hands out though, it is imperative to have happiness. It is absolutely necessary to enjoy your life. Without the intention of living to strive for happiness, one can go insane. A dull, boring, and sad life is the result of one without happiness. One way to achieve happiness in life is by simply laughing. Not sweating the small stuff. Going through your day turning all your anger of pointless things into bits of laughter.

Turn those bits of rage into bits of laughter. Turn those “bad day” happenings, into funny moments. The glass is half full! You can turn around any situation just by the way you react. If you simply live life with the intention to be happy, you will see that stress and frustration melt away. It may be hard to laugh at the things that try so hard to ruin your day, but it will make the rest of your day so much easier. You could have no more bad days. All this just by the change of your mindset. Most of the stress gone from your day by simply enjoying the little things. Simply loving the life you have and constantly trying to make it better. Always striving to do the best you can, and not beating yourself up when you don’t quite get there. You can do it! You can do anything! It is possible to have a better life. It is possible to be happier. Anything is possible. Loving, laughing, and inspiring. Keep on going. 



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