Inspired to Live NOW

“Wherever you are, be there. If you can be fully present now, you’ll know what it means to live.”
― Steve Goodies


People tend to be so concerned with what their next move is that they forget of what is happening right now. Yes having a plan for the future is necessary and helpful, but what you do NOW is more important. What you aim to do in the future will end up crumbling to ashes if you don’t do something about it NOW. The present is just as important as the future. Do not think that you will only become significant in the times to come. You are significant now! You have worth now! Life doesn’t revolve around your future plans! You may never even see those plans pan out the way you wanted. Circumstances change and you can’t base your life out of what the future might hold.  Live now. Make something happen now. Don’t sit around! You can do it! You can change the world now! Live in the moment. Live for the moment. Live in inspiration.



Inspired to Liv…


2 thoughts on “Inspired to Liv…

  1. I completely agree with this! This is what I always try to tell my nostalgic, depressing, low-esteemed friends. Lol. People usually pine away about the past with regrets and pity. Others worry about the future with pessimism and disregard. But do people really think about the present? Not really. Everyone should realize their potential to make a difference and inspire others (if not themselves) every day of their lives. 🙂 Nice post anyways, I like it a lot, very empowering.

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