Inspired to See the Light


“It’s always darkest before the dawn.” —-Florence and the Machine

With the sun setting we are assured the promise of a new dawn. Each night we could think about the ominous darkness or the promising light that is to arise the next morning. The matter of the fact is, is the glass half empty or half full? Do we choose to see the sadness of darkness or the greatness of light? For me, I choose to see the greatness of light. I let the radiation of light seep into me and fill in the empty cracks that life has left behind. I stand through the night strong; knowing that the sweet light is to soon arise. I know that there will be darkness and yet I do not let this shake me. I do not let the fear of darkness corrupt my mind and control my ways. I instead let all the promises and hope of light spread all throughout me. I let light live inside every part of me through the times of light and the times of dark. Even when I see darkness coming, I keep my roots planted. Even when I know that I am in the darkest of times, I know that the dawn is coming. When I know the dawn is coming, I know there is no stopping it. A lit candle shines brighter in the darkness than it does in the light.




Inspired to See…


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