Inspired to Change

Each day, one can wake up thinking nothing new will happen. One can go through their day the same as they always do. They can be comfortable with their conformity to their schedule and everyday happenings; but what happens when there is uncontrollable change? What happens if one loses something dear to them? What if one is forced to make a decision that could alter their future plans? What if the world around them is crumbling? What if one happens to spend their last day on Earth and not know it?

life 304As a society today, we become so conformed to our small world that we have no “big picture.” Sometimes, we can even forget the world that is surrounding us and just stick to our daily routines. We keep ourselves so trapped within our own closed mindedness that we fail to see the endless possibilities to change the world! We spend so much time trying to perfect our own little world that we forget all about the one that is actually needing our change.

life 126

I believe that at a point in most peoples’ lives they say they want to change the world. The only issue is, they SAY it and don’t act upon it. Some do act upon it and actually change the world, but the others either don’t live up to that word or perfect only “their” world.

In the book Sophocles:The Oedipus Cycle there is a quote that really struck me when it comes to the matter of changing things. It reads, “It is not words that I should wish my life to be distinguished, but rather in things done.” Wow. Perfection. I feel as if this quote describes exactly how I wish my life to be known. I don’t want the words of change to just flow from my mouth and disappear into the atmosphere. I want them to turn into actions. I want them to spread across nations. I want them to reach every corner of the earth and impact people from ocean to ocean.

The people of today live so rarely without change that when change comes their way, they panic. We all need to adapt to change. We all need to embrace change. Sometimes, we need to chase change. As always though, we need to be INSPIRED to change



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